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Is Your Company’s Security System Up To Par? Most Aren’t.

Your company needs to upgrade, replace or install a new security system. You have done your research, determined the systems required to meet your needs, and you have a technical statement of work and bid package. Now it’s time to find a competent systems integrator. The investment requires careful consideration regarding who will perform the installation of these systems. So what should you look for in a security systems integrator? Start with talking to the manufacturer’s rep to learn who they can recommend in your area. Press them to tell you who their top five system integrators are.

During the bid process, take time to carefully evaluate the following:

• Evaluate each bidder on their past performance.

• Call their customers (it is surprising to learn how few end-users actually call and verify the information contained in the bidders past performance write up.)

• How long have they had their customers?

• Are the technicians’ factory trained?

• Will those technicians be working on your project?

• What level training and years of experience do they have?

• Require pictures of the VARs workmanship from previous projects.

• Does the proposal fully answer what was requested?

• Can they ensure their proposal is comprehensive and no change orders will be required?

• Do they have an in house high-level tech support group to assist installers with troubleshooting?

• Can they perform complex system programming? If so, what are the levels of training of the tech support group?

• Insist on copies of training certifications in the RFP and at a minimum require key personnel to be named in the proposal for the project manager, lead technician and security engineering positions.

• Lastly, what is the company’s service record?

Past performance write ups may only address new installations, so it is important to request service past performance, as well. Finding the right integrator doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Utilize these key questions during your evaluation to ensure success in finding an experienced partner to meet your needs.

-Todd Johnson, Director of Integrated Security Solutions at CRI

CRI’s Integrated Security Solutions (ISSG) delivers national integrated security solutions for the federal and commercial markets. We specialize in the installation and integration of complex enterprise-level systems, designs, installs and services Access Control, CCTV, IDS and Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) systems and monitor emerging technologies and how these technologies fit into the ever changing market place. For our federal clients, we routinely augment our technical expertise with CRI’s Program Management, System Security Assessment and Authorization (SA&A), and HSPD-12/FIPS 201 capabilities as required. For more information on CRI’s Integrated Security Solutions, please contact Todd Johnson, Director of Integrated Security Solutions at either 703-245-3555 or

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