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Cloud Solutions


CRI understands incorporating innovative technologies into its service offerings is key to meeting the mission, business, and financial goals we set for ourselves. We established our Cloud Center of Excellence in 2022 to expand our capabilities and better serve our customers by taking advantage of the inherent benefits of working in the cloud. We are a member of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network. We leverage AWS products and services to enhance our organizational capabilities, and help our clients move their workloads, and day-to-day business to the cloud.

Cloud Capabilities

Cloud Managed Services

CRI helps clients move legacy solutions to the cloud, and provides ongoing operations, management and maintenance services and support. We help agencies analyze and resolve their technical debt, and align cloud program roadmaps with overarching IT and Department level strategic plans. We leverage AWS products and services, such as the Migration and Transfer services, to add a robust technology component to our service offerings.

Enhanced Data and Physical Access Control System (PACS) Analytics

CRI has a strong PACS practice, and it is enhanced with AWS analytics and IoT products. We incorporate AI/ML into PACS video analytics to further secure our clients' resources and assets using AWS products such as Kinesis. Endpoint management is a crucial function of enterprise PACS, and we use AWS IoT Device Management products to monitor and maintain devices at the edge. CRI coordinates with customers to develop solutions for extracting, transforming, integrating, and analyzing data to power systems and applications. We load data from legacy sources to modern, centralized repositories, such as data lakes using products including AWS Glue.

Information Assurance/Governance Risk & Compliance

CRI establishes, manages, and helps to maintain standards-based frameworks such as NISTs Cybersecurity Framework and Risk Management Framework. We provide ongoing Assessment & Accreditation/ATO support, and develop and maintain security controls and artifacts, including System Security Plans. CRI supports the security aspects of cloud programs from migration planning to continuous diagnostics and monitoring. We leverage the AWS Security, Identity, and Compliance services to enhance our service offering.

Zero Trust Solutions

CRI takes a holistic approach to Zero Trust enablement. The Zero Trust framework is successful when organizations give equal attention to the implementation of technology and the establishment of a governing body and framework. Both the technology and business components must be instantiated as a concerted effort.


CRI’s Zero Trust philosophy converges the business and technology components enabling rapid adoption for our customers. We incorporate cloud-based business applications into our day-to-day program management, and leverage advanced cloud financial management products and tools to help our clients optimally manage their solutions.

CRI has collaborated with industry leading technology providers to formulate an end-to-end Zero Trust offering using integration and automation tools to secure our clients’ resources. We meet clients where they are on their journey to Zero Trust and provide  consultative and technology services to get them to an optimized state.

Want to work with CRI?


As a certified Woman-Owned Small Business, we offer quick WOSB sole-source procurement and several government-wide contracts that provide easy access to CRI's service and product offerings, including GSA IT Schedule 70 (GS-35F-0324S) and Women-Owned Small Business Program Sole Source Awards.


CRI provides outstanding value to our partners as a certified Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) serving both the public and private sectors for nearly 30 years. We pride ourselves on setting the highest standard of service, integrity, and absolute dedication in delivering exceptional products and services. Do you have an opportunity you'd like to discuss? Are you interested in a long-term partnership? Contact us today! We look forward to discovering how our organizations can be successful together.

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