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Information Technology

CRI offers IT solutions designed to meet customer-specific business needs. Our services include custom development and modernization, cloud solutions, software operations and maintenance, information assurance, enterprise architecture support, COTS product implementation, help desk services, and independent system testing and validation.


  • Cloud Solutions

  • Cybersecurity and Modernization Initiatives

  • Systems Integration

  • Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Product Deployments

  • Custom Software Solutions 

  • Data Management & Migration

  • Deployment & Configuration Management

  • Information Assurance/Information Systems Security Support

  • Performance-Based Systems Administration Operations and Maintenance 

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Cloud Solutions 

CRI understands incorporating innovative technologies into its service offerings is key to meeting the mission, business, and financial goals we set for ourselves. We established our Cloud Center of Excellence in 2022 to expand our capabilities and better serve our customers by taking advantage of the inherent benefits of working in the cloud. We are a member of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network. We leverage AWS products and services to enhance our organizational capabilities, and help our clients align their cloud roadmap with IT and Agency-level strategic plans. We assess and develop plans to mitigate technical debt, migrate workloads to the cloud, support ongoing operations, and help our clients meet federal initiatives such as Zero Trust. LEARN MORE.

Cybersecurity and Modernization Initiatives 

CRI helps agencies adopt modern IT practices based on established federal centers of excellence, playbooks, guidance, and standards. Our approach to supporting migration of legacy applications to the cloud follows repeatable processes including a thorough analysis of, and mitigation planning for potential cybersecurity risks. We work with customers to develop data strategies that establish governance plans, implement mechanisms to assess data maturity, and define the targeted end state. CRI’s driving mission is always ensuring a positive customer experience. We use this expertise to assist our customers in designing strategies and processes they can use to deliver exceptional customer service as well.


CRI coordinates and collaborates with our customers to implement appropriate measures, processes, and tools to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover from cybersecurity events. Our certified staff have the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience to provide Cybersecurity Framework Guidance to our customers and help them utilize the framework to improve their cybersecurity posture and resiliency.

Systems Integration and COTS Deployments to include FICAM and HSPD-12

CRI provides full systems integration of today’s leading-edge COTS technologies into existing stand-alone and enterprise systems. This includes requirements definition, design and development, modification and testing, integration, and deployment. We combine our knowledge of state-of-the-art products with our expertise in government and industry standards to develop tailored solutions that address specific requirements. Our services include feasibility analysis, program and project plans, logical and physical design, design compatibility and interoperability tests, reviews and evaluations, and system cutover.

Data Management & Migration

CRI securely manages organizations’ enterprise lifecycle data needs. Whether it is a legacy system migration or a decentralized consolidation, we securely migrate data while managing all aspects of design, extraction, cleansing, load, and verification. Our proven validation and testing processes control, protect, deliver, and enhance the value of data to securely mature information assets.

Deployment and Configuration Management 

CRI upgrades organizations’ enterprise IT infrastructure to the desired state by modifying servers and automatically deploying applications. We collect data on all hardware, software, database, and other configuration items to meet FISMA reporting requirements. Our comprehensive security configuration management process is compliant with all National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and other applicable guidelines. Our use of secure configuration management reduces risk throughout the system lifecycle, ensuring successful application deployment and increasing efficiency across the enterprise.

Information Assurance (IA)/Information Systems Security Support

CRI provides end-to-end enterprise information assurance solutions, including policy and procedure development, O&M support, regulatory compliance (NIST, FISMA, FIPS, OMB, DHS), and full security assessment and authorization support. Our risk-based approach evaluates current security postures and recommends personnel, policies, procedures, and strategic use of technology to enhance organizational security. Our integrated lifecycle approach ensures that security policies support evolving mission and business needs.

Performance-Based Systems Administration Operations and Maintenance  

CRI ensures that organizations’ systems uptime, performance, resources, and security meet their evolving operational requirements. We ensure system integrity by performing backups, archiving data, and managing disaster recovery operations. We help customers develop IT metrics that continually capture performance status for ongoing operations as well as trending factors designed to alert operators to security issues or component failures.

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