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Introducing CRI’s Cloud Migration Services

The federal government is undergoing a fundamental shift to better secure data using modernized technology. Agencies are rapidly making plans and their components are deploying efforts to meet the requirements of emerging federal policies, standards, Executives Orders, and agency mandates. The marketplace is flooded with brand new companies offering the latest and greatest technology to solve all of the problems. While options are helpful to an extent, it is a good thing to know there are trusted, reliable partners that can support agencies from the start of their IT modernization journey to an optimized state.


We are leveraging our experience migrating federal agency data in legacy situations to expand our capabilities and are now supporting federal agencies with migrating their workloads to the cloud. We have extensive experience coordinating with the federal government to plan, prepare, and deploy migration solutions. We understand the challenges the government faces, and are equipped with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience to provide successful outcomes.


CRI understands cost, speed, and accuracy are driving factors when moving to the cloud. CRI is now a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN), and uses innovative products to strengthen our migration service offering. We are able to help clients establish a data-driven business case for moving to the cloud, track their migrations, streamline and automate the migration process itself, improve data storage management, and provide ongoing management and maintenance.


CRI’s Information Assurance team is involved with all of our technology projects to inject security into every layer of what we do. We complete every migration in compliance with applicable security regulations and standards in a transparent manner. We quickly assess where agencies are on their Zero Trust journey, and align our migrations with their overarching strategy and infrastructure.


We use proven, repeatable processes for planning not only the migration itself, but our clients’ overall cloud vision to ensure we are using the most compatible products and tools to set them up for success in the long term. CRI’s management expertise extends from single application support to global programs with thousands of end points. Our processes and support scale to meet our clients’ developing needs.

CRI is a partner that has the experience to understand the challenges of where and how federal agencies are in terms of IT modernization. We also understand, and have the capabilities, to work hand-in-hand with the government to forge a path to the future.


Communications Resource, Inc. (CRI) is a Minority and Woman-Owned small business with nearly 30 years’ of experience providing integrated security solutions and innovation through partnerships with our clients. CRI provides end-to-end enterprise information management services focused on electronic physical security, full-scale management of small, mid-size, and global programs, and compliance with Federal regulations. We are proud to stay on the forefront of technology modernization, with strong roots in our experience thus far.

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