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[Case Study] Biometrics-based Access Control and Identification Solutions

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

The leading edge technology in access control is biometrics, which establishes a person’s identity based on their unique measurable characteristics such as fingerprint, DNA, and iris recognition. It forms the basis for the most secure access control and identification solutions to safeguard critical infrastructure from intrusion.


The U.S. Government customer required a fingerprinting hardware and software solution that was more secure, compliant, reliable, and user-friendly.

  • COMPLIANCE: The customer’s fingerprinting equipment and procedures for new hires were outdated and not in compliance with Federal Information System Management Act (FISMA) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) security standards, risking loss or theft of Personally Identifiable Information.

  • TRAINING AND SUPPORT: Users were not provided with upfront formal training or help desk support.

  • SECURITY AND EFFICIENCY: Fingerprints and other sensitive data were stored locally on laptops before being manually uploaded to the server, leading to operational inefficiencies and security risks.


We provided the customer with a complete secure Enterprise-level Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System solution in the form of 227 advanced fingerprint scanner kits to all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Mariana Islands:

  • SECURE BIOMETRICS: The scanners were supported by associated software for fingerprint collection and a custom developed web service for secure transmission to the U.S. Government for background investigations.

  • TRAINING & MAINTENANCE: We deployed the solution within a FedRAMP-authorized cloud service provider, developed comprehensive user training for over 1,000 users, established a new help desk supporting all users, and continue to provide ongoing hardware and software maintenance.

  • COMPLIANT CLOUD STORAGE: We were the first company to achieve an Authority to Operate for a cloud solution in this Agency, gaining security accreditation and authorization utilizing our in-house Certified Information Systems Security Professionals to develop the architecture, permissions, and accounts. This total solution met all FISMA and NIST security standards while also ensuring continuity of operations through redundant off-site cloud data centers.


The customer realized an immediate improvement in their fingerprinting operations through our comprehensive solution. We achieved 99% system reliability, successfully migrated 300,000 fingerprint files through secure encrypted drives, and currently provide secure storage for over 500,000 fingerprint files. The customer achieved operational efficiencies and time savings through compliance with all FISMA and NIST security standards, our comprehensive training program, help desk service, and automatic upload to the cloud; all of which were designed and implemented by our team. We continue to provide routine hardware and software maintenance by the very experts who helped build the system.

Contact us to learn how we can deliver biometric and access control solutions to solve your challenges at 703-245-4120 or

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