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[Case Study] Program Management Office (PMO) Support

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Inefficiencies and inconsistent standards are the hallmarks of an organization that lacks a PMO. A PMO is the backbone of an organization’s successful project management approach and underpins project deliverables by ensuring that all business change is managed in a controlled way. The PMO also has a key role in cost management over a project.


A U.S. Government customer lacked a central PMO to manage and execute the migration process to compliant security standards.

  • INCONSISTENT STANDARDS: The customer had wide variations in the quality and security of Personal Identification Verification (PIV) cards used to gain access to their secure facilities exposing them to potential national security risks.

  • COMPLIANCE: In order to eliminate these variations, the Agency was required to bring their Physical Access Control System (PACS) facilities, badges, and processes up to Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) standards in order to enhance security, increase efficiency, reduce identity fraud, and protect personal privacy.


CRI rapidly established a PMO to oversee and manage the nationwide enterprise migration of the entire Agency’s PIV cards. We deployed our personnel across the country to bring the customer’s operations into compliance with HSPD-12 standards.

  • PMO ESTABLISHMENT: CRI established the Agency’s HSPD-12 PMO and led the coordination and implementation of the CRI-developed nationwide migration plan.

  • PIV CARD MIGRATION: We deployed nearly 600 shared, fixed and light solution enrollment and activation stations and issued over 200,000 PIV cards; provided Public Key Infrastructure testing and validation, role holder training and program communications; and provided credentialing support and helpdesk support.

  • CONTINUED COMPLIANCE SUPPORT: To this day we serve as a continual interface to ensure compatibility with ongoing HSPD-12 process and system changes.


CRI successfully managed the customer’s Enterprise PACS migration to HSPD-12 standards. Our centralized management and hosting of the Enterprise PACS system provided $13.5M in cost savings to the Government by avoiding or reducing infrastructure and licensing costs. We integrated more than 200 legacy PACS into the system. We installed 250+ compliant new systems, many of which would not have employed electronic access control due to cost, but because of the Program’s efficiencies, they were able to use the infrastructure to increase security.

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