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[Case Study] Continuity of Operations Planning Solutions

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Today’s threat environment demands comprehensive planning to ensure continuity of operations in any contingency, and it is a fundamental responsibility of the U.S. Government to its citizens.


A U.S. Government customer risked operational failure in the event of a large-scale emergency because it lacked a Federal Continuity Directive (FCD) compliant Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) and training at their headquarters and satellite locations.

  • COMPLIANCE: The customer required a compliant continuity solution that included a COOP, devolution operations planning, emergency planning, and automated notification systems.

  • TRAINING AND SUPPORT: Personnel were not trained or experienced in COOP procedures, threatening successful continuity of operations in an emergency.


CRI evaluated the customer’s as-is state and interviewed stakeholders to design and implement FCD compliant solutions:

  • COOP: We developed a comprehensive and scalable COOP to ensure the customer could continue to provide essential services to the country in any crisis.

  • TEST, TRAINING, & EXERCISE (TT&E) PROGRAM: We developed a five-year Strategic Plan to describe TT&E program objectives, priorities and requirements; and developed test exercises and an Implementation Plan for directing the TT&E Program. This would ensure that personnel were trained and experienced in COOP procedures.

  • IMPROVEMENT PLAN: We developed and directed business process analyses to enhance the customer’s COOP and emergency planning.


CRI empowered the customer in emergency planning, response, and recovery. Our solution to pair a COOP with a clearly-defined TT&E program and Improvement Plan enabled the customer to achieve full compliance with all FCDs. Our five-year Strategic Plan has instilled a culture of COOP awareness through training and realistic and increasingly challenging exercises that ensures the customer’s Mission Essential Functions remain operational in an emergency.

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